The club gliders are equipped with FLARM and these will log your flight details.

There are many other flight loggers on the market if you want to buy your own and you can check the glider accessory suppliers for their range.

If you are interested in buying your personal flight logger most privately owned gliders are equipped with a flight logger and you can get the owners views on which type of flight logger may suit your requirements.

Upload your flight file.

After your flight don’t forget to upload your cross country flight to the OnLineCompetition-OLC.

The OLC website for Australia can be found at 

This is a worldwide record of cross-country flights where you can see you flights or those of other pilots, or clubs.

Review Your Flight.

The flight file will give you detailed information about your flight.

You can analyse these statistics to improve your performance in the future or compare your flight to other club members and see if different decisions would have been more efficient. This can be a social occasion after a long days flight.