There are two main components in the price of a normal glider flight, the cost of getting you off the ground, usually aerotow, and the cost of hiring the glider.

An average aerotow to 2000 ft is about $55 and glider hire is up to $0.80 cents per minute depending on the type of glider being flown.

So a 30 minute flight is only about $80 including the launch cost.

There is no charge for the instructor if you are a Melbourne Soaring member.

Thanks to the cooperative nature of the club, being a member isn’t expensive.

The annual membership fee for Melbourne Soaring is $300 for adults which  entitles you to use the club owned gliders and have access to the clubs Gliding Australia (GA) trained and certified instructors.

All glider pilots must also be a member of the GA and this is currently $328 annually for adults.

Melbourne Soaring’s Let’s Go Flying courses which are week long courses held Monday to Friday in March and November cost just $2300 for adults and that sum includes 12 month memberships of GA and Melbourne Soaring.

A full list of the GA and Melbourne Soaring charges can be found here.