How to start

The first step in your gliding journey is to find out what it’s all about by taking an Air Experience Flight (AEF) with one of our Gliding Australia (GA) trained and certified instructors, Even during this very first flight  you will have the opportunity to fly the dual control two seater under their instructor’s guidance.

No pressure!

  • A single AEF costs just $250 which includes an aerotow launch to 3000’ above the airfield before your glider is released.
  • If you don’t think that’s enough flying time to make a decision about the sport, a package deal of three flights for $600 with aerotows to the same height is available. This gives you plenty of time to decide if gliding is the sport you would like to continue with.

You can book here.

After your AEF flight, or three, you’ll probably be asking “Where do I sign?” That bit’s easy.

Our Let’s Go Flying courses are a five day program from Monday to Friday  which will see you well on your way to going solo.

This intensive course includes:

You can contact Melbourne Soaring by email to answer any questions you have here or complete the Application for Membership form here.

  • Daily ground training sessions.
  • Twenty flights with our highly experienced and certified Gliding Australia instructors in our fibreglass, dual control two seat trainer.
  • Pilot’s log book, glider pilot training record and a copy of the Australian Gliding Knowledge book.
  • Fifteen aerotows to a height of 2000 feet.
  • Five aerotows to a height of 3000 feet.
  • Twelve months membership of GA.
  • Twelve months membership of Melbourne Soaring.

The courses are held in November and March and cost just $2300.

You can book here.

The five day Let’s Go Flying courses may not suit you for a variety of reasons but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn. Since Melbourne Soaring flies at Bacchus Marsh airfield at weekends and most public holidays you can have lessons any time all year round. It might take a bit longer but you can have all you instructional requirements completed on weekends and public holidays with our instructors, and it also gives you a better chance to get to know other club members.

We do recommend that newer members who are learning this way come to Bacchus Marsh on a weekly basis to maintain their progress.