In this section you can access information relating to:

AIRCRAFT: Details of the gliders and tow aircraft operated by the Beaufort Gliding Club Inc trading as Melbourne Soaring.

PRICES: Fees for the club and Gliding Australia (GA), along with glider hire and launch costs.

EVENTS: Details of upcoming gliding programs.

ORGANISATION: The roles of our Committee and Instructors Panel and a list of Melbourne Soaring members who make up these two groups.

DOCUMENTS LIBRARY: An indispensable collection of glider flying manuals/handling notes, various Beaufort Gliding Club records including a history of the club from 1942 onwards and a copy of the Model Rules that BGC Inc operate under. 

USEFUL LINKS: Find out more about the sport via links to the websites of Gliding Australia, Victorian Soaring Association, Civil Aviation Safety Authority and some instrument and glider equipment suppliers.